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Altringham, Manchester

Думаю, самое главное в паре ученик-учитель-эмоциональная связь: со стороны учителя это забота и внимание о душевном состоянии ребенка, со стороны ученика – доверие к учителю.  А когда предмет изучения – музыка, эта связь становится фантастической. Именно такие отношения выстраивает Любовь с Анастасией и Елизаветой. Любовь! Ваша увлеченность музыкой, профессионализм и душевная чуткость увлекают и вовлекают в процесс освоения музыкальных истин. Влюбленная в музыку вы заражаете этой любовью сердца своих учеников, расширяете горизонты, открывая мир чувств, красоты природы, сложности выбора. Открывая музыкальные страницы, Вы открываете сердечко ребенка. Все это помогает детям усвоить музыкальные сложности на самом высоком уровне и привести к прекрасным результатам.

Спасибо Вам!

Карина Дейне.

Чешант, Лондон.

Ivan 是一位非常专业严格耐心,值得信赖的钢琴老师。我的孩子和他一起学习了五年,无论是音乐理论还是弹奏都有很大的进步,取得很好的成绩。

Xin Lu.

Salford, Manchester

Ivan has been teaching my daughter Sophie for over 3 years now and I can safely say that his enthusiasm, teaching ability, and sense of fun.

Ivan has a vast knowledge of music and manages to make every lesson interesting and fun. I would not hesitate to recommend Ivan as a top notch piano tutor.

 Happy to recommend to all parent.

Lin Xu,KK Leong.

Salford, Manchester.

I had piano lessons with Luba for about 7 years. In this time, she  really shaped my technical and musical ability.

She is extremely professional and really cares about shaping each student into the best pianist they can be. She therefore really pushed me to practice not only learning songs, but also technique.

I think that this is what made me stand out as a pianist, and I was always complimented on it.

Luba is also extremely caring and determined to help; she entered me into many competitions and concerts, and always pushed me to do more and put myself out there.

I couldn’t thank her enough for the skills that the helped me develop and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn the piano.



Luba has been teaching my two sons (now 16 and 18 years) for over a decade and has become a member of our family!  She is very professional, but always caring and has really inspired our boys as they have developed through all their grades.  Luba’s teaching is of the highest standard – not surprising given that she was studying at the prestigious, Gnesina Music Academy.

Luba has a rare talent in inspiring her pupils and broadening their horizons in music.  This is not just about playing the right notes, but about the right style and impression of the piece and a full musical understanding.

My sons have done all of the ABRSM grades and were rewarded for their outstanding  performances in the highly competitive environment of Westminster school (winning a Music Cup and also the Westminster Musician of The Year Competition).  Much of this was credit to Luba’s ability in helping students to express themselves via the music they are playing .  My sons did not plan to become professional musicians, but this incredible sense of musical achievement has allowed them to experience close to a professional performance. 

Luba is punctual, reliable and engaging and I am delighted to recommend her to others!

Olga Cowling.

Kennington, London.

Lyuba has taught my daughter to play the piano for over four years, since she was four-years old.  She is highly experienced in teaching children, which takes lots of patience and perseverance.  She is kind and gentle, but also firm when needed.   

Lyuba can engage the youngest of children by making complex ideas easy to understand.  She gives clear instruction and always encourages my daughter to do her very best.  Lyuba’s deep love for music and her enthusiasm are so important in making every lesson lively and full of learning.

The amount of effort Lyuba puts into her work is amazing and I’m very happy with the progress my daughter has made.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Lyuba to anyone thinking of music lessons for their child.

Nataliya Clark.

Kingston upon Thames.

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