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Studio students may participate in recital performances.


If the pieces for the recital are chosen by the student, then the student must bring these pieces at least twice to the lessons before the student plays them at the recital.

The greater part of the progress made while taking piano lessons depends on the amount and the quality of practicing done at home. 


Piano playing is a physical skill that requires physical training and practicing every day is recommended. 


At the same time, please remember that music and piano playing is a form of art.


Practicing requires an open mind and therefore it should not be done forcefully.


Students should carefully consider the time for practicing in order to be able to reach a certain goal within a specific time frame. 


For children who require parental supervision, progress depends on their parent’s ability to follow, supervise, encourage to practice. The result of piano lessons is a product of team work which includes student, teacher, parent. 


Parents can encourage children to practice by granting them occasional rewards for successful practicing. 

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