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We offer the ability to obtain qualifications through carrying out graded syllabus.


Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music is the leading provider of music examinations, assessments, and we believe that music exam can motivate students to make progress towards a recognized standard.


Students are expected to attend weekly piano lessons, to ensure steady progress of piano playing during the year, including the summer months. 


Holidays are taken into consideration; lesson date and time will be adjusted accordingly to the student’s or teacher's schedule. 


Lesson durations can vary and typically start from 45 minutes to 1 hour, once or twice per week depending on age and ability.

During each piano lesson, you will be given a new practical homework assignment which will be explained in detail.  


For children that are 5 years old 30 minute lessons twice per week are typically recommended. Practicing newly acquired skills is mandatory for future success, and completed homework will also be checked.


Our beginners are expected to have knowledge of the alphabet, ability to count, concentrate for half an hour at least and our lessons are fun and energetic with a high emphasis placed on encouraging each individual's natural musicality and creativity.

A typical classical piano lesson might include:


Learning the basic elements of music, pulse, rhythm, pitch, dynamics and aural skills.

Playing musical games, variety of Classical Music styles and genres.

Finger gymnastic, proper posture, finger dexterity, development of the technical ability to obtain physical freedom.

Learning to read notation, thinking and understanding of music.


Each area is more or less emphasized, based on the specific student’s interests and needs, and includes combination of different musical pieces, exercises and approaches.

Our method of teaching is based on classical music conventions and employs a classical piano repertoire. Classically trained students develop highest level of skill and ability on their instrument and gain superior knowledge of music in general. Concepts and pieces from different styles of music and periods of music are also integrated in our method.


Consistency, good quality and daily practice are important to make the most progress.  Developing a positive attitude at the piano, as well as a good work habit, provide the best result.

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