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Parents should keep attending the lessons but should not interfere in the process of the lesson and should encourage their child practicing. 


Parental role is very important to the progress that the student makes.


 Please help your child establish a routine of good practice habits. 


Supervision in daily practice is often necessary for young beginners. 


For older children, daily reminders may be needed until the student is mature enough to establish a daily practicing routine.


In order to have a successful experience, the development of good relationships among the student, teacher, and parents is necessary. 

Student will need to have access to a piano as daily practice is essential for making a steady progress, and a standard upright piano will suffice for adequate practice. 


Used upright piano of a decent condition will be sufficient for most of the students.


We have developed a fast, engaging approach to learn the piano, and achievable goals will motivate students to keep practicing and improve their musical skills. 

Booking for lessons must be made in advance, and systematic, punctual attendance of the piano lessons is very important.


Music books, scores, pencil with eraser, ruler, metronome, flash cards for piano lessons have to be purchased by the student. 


Occasionally, learning materials may be purchased for a student by Studio teacher, for which receipts will be provided and a full reimbursement is expected. 


The lack of materials will be occasionally tolerated, and substitute materials may be provided based on the availability.


Repeated absence of required materials due to forgetfulness may eventually result in the cancelation of the lesson on which no materials are present.


Inconsistency and tardiness is an important contributor to the impediment of student’s progress.


Proper hygiene especially of the hands is expected. 


The finger nails are recommended to be cut short to allow the fingertips to be fully in touch with the keys of the piano.

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