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Yamaha Grand Piano Model G1 J3340090

This Grand Piano was made in Hamamatsu, Japan, in 1981 and placed in our newly soundproofed  practice studio. ​


Super Gigantic Keyboard Playmat with build-in amplifier for portable CD/MP3 plug in.

The piano is the most characteristic of all music instruments. 

The instrument’s ability to facilitate all styles of classical music, make it one of the most important instruments of study. 

Learning music is not just a matter of having a qualified teacher, but also having an environment that is focused on music. 

In a professional Studio environment, a student cannot be distracted. 

Our studio location is very convenient for South Manchester area, and equipped with a baby grand piano Yamaha G1, two upright pianos U1 and P114G, as well as plenty of supplies for young pianists, ensuring students have the opportunity to experience playing on a variety of instruments.  

Yamaha Upright Piano Model P114G E340575

This New Upright Piano was made in Hamamatsu, Japan, in 2010 and arrived to us from Yamaha Music London. 

Yamaha Upright Piano Model U1H 1911294

This Yamaha Upright Piano was made in Hamamatsu, Japan, in 1974 and has been recently specially refurbished by highly skilled artisans of Yamaha Piano Service Corporation.

This Upright Piano arrived to us from Yamaha Music London with the Certificate of Authenticity. 

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